Tuesday 23 June 2015

JZero Solutions announces the release of JLMS Cloud

JZero Solutions has announced the release of JLMS Cloud, a Cloud based SaaS version of its Learning Management System offering customers a straight forward, easy to use platform for the management of online learning courses and face to face classroom training.

Skill Pill launches Management2Go and Strategy2Go Mobile Learning

Skill Pill is launching the ‘2Go’ Series, featuring the top 50 need-to-know management and strategy tools, and delivering them right to the fingertips of managers and leaders.

Each topic is explained in a bite-sized, animated video and support template that sets out the principles and the best way to use each tool.

From Training Press Releases

Thursday 4 June 2015

Arcus Solutions selects Brightwave to take employees on a Learning Pathway to success

Arcus Solutions, a leading facilities management and engineering maintenance provider, selected Brightwave - the leading global agency behind total learning - to provide a world-class next-generation LMS that champions the 70:20:10 learning model; the heart of how their business approaches L&D.

Brightwave's award-winning total learning system tessello was chosen as the only technology solution that fully met the needs of Arcus Solutions' growing business.

tessello: powering 70:20:10 learning
Arcus Solutions had a series of formal embedded development programmes in place to support talent management and learners' professional development; face-to-face content supported by extensive internal coaching.

As a rapidly growing company with a culture that drives continuous improvement, the latest technology was sought not only to create a sense of community for
Arcus Solutions' colleagues, including many engineers in the field, but also to accelerate the transfer of learning from face-to-face programmes back to the workplace.
Arcus Solutions' version of tessello - The Learning SPACE - tracks and records all experiential learning, ensuring colleagues' formal and informal learning is captured as part of their continuing development. Individual Learning Pathways provide flexibility for learners and managers alike, covering mandatory learning such as compliance matters, as well as elective subject areas.

The total learning system also provides a dedicated community for learners to share knowledge, experiences and innovative ideas, providing greater engagement as well as increasing social collaboration across geographies and teams.

Caroline Walmsley, CEO at Brightwave said:

"tessello reflects the way in which people really learn today - continuously, socially, and informally. We are delighted to work with Arcus Solutions and provide an incomparable next-generation LMS that drives the 70:20:10 principles and takes their employees on a personalised, intuitive and tracked learning pathway to success."
Michael Ridgett, People Director at Arcus Solutions said:

"tessello's features are perfectly matched to our high-level requirements. We wanted a platform beyond the traditional Learning Management System that promotes informal and social learning. Brightwave has been synonymous with cutting-edge digital learning for over fifteen years and we have the opportunity to benefit from such credible expertise throughout implementation, launch and beyond."