Tuesday 23 June 2015

JZero Solutions announces the release of JLMS Cloud

JZero Solutions has announced the release of JLMS Cloud, a Cloud based SaaS version of its Learning Management System offering customers a straight forward, easy to use platform for the management of online learning courses and face to face classroom training.

Built using Windows Azure Cloud technology, JLMS Cloud provides cost effective pricing models from a free option right through to Enterprise pricing.

With its fast and simple setup, JLMS Cloud allows customers to get up and running very quickly. Simply add your learners, add your courses and you can then start getting your employees training online.

“As the market is moving to more of a SaaS model for the provision of Learning Management Systems, it was a logical move for JZero to develop JLMS Cloud”, said Digs Val, CEO at JZero Solutions. “We are still continuing to develop our main JLMS Enterprise platform but knew we needed a cloud based solution as well. Our development methodology has changed too where we are now creating new functionality in a common architecture to allow new features to be available in both versions of the LMS. It’s a really exciting time for JZero right now.”

The initial release of JLMS Cloud is intended for small to medium size businesses that need the ease and speed of implementing a straight forward Learning Management System, but one that still supports industry standards such as SCORM and Tin Can/xAPI content.

In the background, JZero Solutions are working on new functionality around the areas of Gamification and Social Learning.

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