Tuesday 27 June 2017

Malvern launch 3dHive in UK to Help Clients Create Mobile Games Based Learning

Following their collaboration with Playware Studios in Singapore, Malvern International are launching their first offering in the area of Learning Technology - a platform to create mobile based games that can be used for learning and corporate training.

Malvern claim the platform can also be used to create virtual labs, simulations and interactive case studies, and direct training and testing games where learners can experiment with different scenarios through their mobiles.

The 3DHive platform has already been recognised with awards from the likes of the Brandon Hall Group Awards for Excellence in Technology and Excellence in Education (2015), Microsoft Partner of the Year (Public Sector Education 2013), BETT Asia and IDA Award for EdTech Innovation (2014) and the Innovplus Flame Award from WDA Singapore (2016), and is now being marketed by Malvern in East Asia, India, Nepal, as well as the UK.

The full announcement is here, with further details about 3DHive here.