Friday 29 June 2018

LearningPool Acquires MediaCorp

LearningPool, the Belfast based eLearning tools and content provider, have announced the acquisition of MediaCorp.

MediaCorp, like LearningPool, are a Totara platinum partner, so it looks to be the ProofPositive ePortfolio tool which LearningPool have most interest in, with their statement noting:

"We will use this acquisition to provide e-portfolio solutions to help our customers manage qualification and apprenticeship programmes"

"The apprenticeship market is clearly a growth area and many of our customers are looking for solutions to help manage the complexity of delivering apprenticeship programmes that satisfy the requirements of the employer levy and help them change the profile of their workforce."

In May 2016, LearningPool was acquired by Ginnlear Holdings whose main shareholder is ultimately the American private equity firm Carlyle Group, though a number of the LearningPool directors do hold a stake along with Donald Clark.

The MediaCorp deal is not their first acquisition, with LearningPool having bought Mindclick in August 2016.

With LearningPool going after the apprenticeship market, they’ll face competition from the likes of OneFile and eComScotland who have targeted this segment recently, as well as those providers who offer the Mahara ePortfolio.

In a later article in The Business Desk, co-founder and chief executive Paul McElvaney noted:
“We will acquire again in the next 12 months. The pipeline for acquisitions is strong because we are in a highly fragmented market with lots of opportunity for growth through acquisition." 

LTG have successfully used acquisitions to grow their business, so we'll keep an eye out for further activity that will consolidate the market.

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