Wednesday 26 September 2018

Blackboard Rebrands MoodleRooms

Blackboard Inc. have announced that they are rebranding Moodlerooms , their SaaS open-source learning management system, as "Blackboard Open LMS."

Following their decision to leave the Moodle Certified Partner Program, Blackboard say they remain committed to providing clients with the "most mature and stable" Moodle-based SaaS product in the market, it's just that they'll do it via the Blackboard Open LMS platform.

In their press release, Kathy Vieira, Chief Portfolio Officer at Blackboard said, "This rebrand marks a new chapter for our open-source SaaS product, where we're realigning the solution with our overall mission to meet the evolving needs of institutions and their learners".

Whilst Blackboard have left the Moodle Certified Partner Program they say they will continue to support the Moodle project.

You can find more information about the Blackboard Open LMS at