Monday 31 August 2020

Learning Analytics beyond the LMS: Enabling Connected Learning via Open Source Analytics in ‘the wild’

Over the past decade we have witnessed a proliferation of new technologies involving an increasingly sophisticated use of data. 


 In education, the field of learning analytics (LA) is one such example, seeking to explore how the analysis of student data can bring new insights into the learning process. However, the breadth and diversity of technologies available today and the corresponding wealth of learning data stands in stark contrast to the day-to-day operations and processes that operate in formal education. 

The Beyond LMS project explored the dynamic between the need for teaching innovation alongside the need for the formal administration of education technologies. 

The project sought to identify a solution that would enable educational innovators to teach across platforms and systems using authentic real-world technologies, while recognising the need for quality, privacy,ethics and data control. 

The final report is here