Tuesday 12 December 2017

CloserStill Makes Third Acquisition of 2017 with Purchase of Online Educa Berlin

Since buying Bizmedia in 2014, the CloserStill appetite for acquisition has grown steadily which has allowed them to expand their product brand in the eLearning market, with the recent purchase of Online Educa Berlin adding not only the OEB Conference, but also allowing the launch of Learning Technologies Germany.

Their Bizmedia purchase brought them e.learning age magazine and (probably more importantly) the e-Learning Awards which has since been rebranded Learning Technologies Awards.  Subsequent acquisitions has seen them spread their eLearning brand across the world, with the Online Educa Berlin purchase (their third in 2017) being added to the purchase of the LearnTech Asia and iLearning Forum businesses earlier in the year. 

This years deals has given CloserStill the opportunity to extend the Learning Technologies Conference brand into Asia and France, with the current deal allowing them to launch Learning Technologies Germany alongside OEB in 2018.

Financial details have not been revealed.

The CloserStill press release is here.