Monday 18 December 2017

Instructure adds to video learning capabilities in Canvas with Acquisition

Instructure, the company behind the Canvas LMS has bought Practice, a video microlearning solution company.

Described as "a scalable means for teams to frequently practice skills and receive meaningful, timely feedback through the power of peer-to-peer video assessment and coaching", Instructure sees the Practice solutions as adding interactivity and feedback to their talent management and learning solutions

Across the training & learning marketplace we are seeing more emphasis placed on both mobile content & feedback mechanisms and video microlearning fits with this trend.  Mobile devices allow for easy creation of low cost personal video content that can be uploaded or sent to a third party.

We also see a significant crossover opportunity with video microlearning to the marketing industry, as brands are increasingly looking to get closer to the people who actually buy and use their products.  So watch out for more deals in this space, and not necessarily restricted to training and learning players.

Read the press release from Instructure.